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»  Let's Fix Markdawn

Markdawn is now loading each page in under 100ms. That's a 5x to 10x speed improvement. I actually want to go further, if it's humanly possible.
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Let's Fix Markdawn

I suppose there's a moment when you want things to be different. In a modern, futuristic world people want change. Some might say that you deserve the best, some might claim a few human rights.

»  Try it Yourself

Another great article here on Markdawn. Wish that we had more people reading these.

iPhone 6 fact

There are lot of rumors about the next iPhone. But there's only one single fact: it took Apple 3 years to build iPhone 6. It better be good.

» will expire this August

I can't deny that. I built something I liked myself and found out that each people liked hundred of different things that has nothing to do with my idea.
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lucian will expire this August

I'm open to any suggestion about how you want this awesome idea to continue.

Australian Open

Since HN is down I'm going to watch Australian Open and checking MD for updates.
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I want

All I want is global and permanent peace.

Making the case for a 5-inch iPhone

If Apple will introduce a bigger iPhone, it will definitely have a 5-inch screen. If they'll keep the same PPI, then it will have a resolution of 1440x810 pixels. That means it will give user a usable 720x405 screen area.

»  Show MD: Timely

"Show MD" is an interesting idea. Maybe it will catch on.

Top Eight Songs for November

The idea of this mark came from Irina. She told me that she would listen to “Jubel” on repeat after finding it on radio. Probably that jazz beat had something to do with it. Then I remembered that I used to collect songs that I would listen “On Repeat” ...

Hesitation Marks The Day

When you start build something you always wanted to build, hesitation make its appearance. But going back to using all kinds of social networks, having a blog that needs attention and lots of apps that scream for my input is not what future should be like.

»  Markdawn

Auto indenting causes some problems with auto resizing, but I'll look into it. Syntax highlighting will mess with the design, but I think it can be solved with a matching color scheme. And yes, I'll make an official Markdawn account with more informatio...

How to Set a Good Mark?

I want every single person on this planet to write articles. So they can set their own marks. If you set your own mark, you become free, you don't depend on someone else. Yes, you share the same ideas and principles with other people, but you have your ...

Empowering Free Spirits

Free spirits can't express themselves in 140 characters and shouldn't. It's against their nature, their way of being. Killing creativity in people is the worst thing corporations are trying to do today. Everything is limited, everything is freedom banne...

»  Why Did I Create Markdawn?

Markdawn has a responsive design, it works pretty well on any modern web browser (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). I'm curious what mobile phone did you use, so I can fix it. Thanks, I really wish there was a service like this available years ago! Also, yo...

»  Why Did I Create Markdawn?

I'll answer these short: Yes. Yes, almost. :) I'm not happy with the name yet. The confusion between Markdawn and Markdown is not quite good. But other than that, the service will be up as long as I'll be alive. Yes, that's a top priority feature on my...
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To Draft or Not To Draft

Implementing drafts on Markdawn isn't a complicated thing. I've already done it on a test environment. The problem I see is a psychological thing. If you plan to write multiple articles you eventually get out of focus. I want everyone to focus on a sing...

»  Financial Websites That Will Make You Stand Out

This is a great article, Irina — well done! My notions of financial markets are getting better each day following your input. The links can be useful to anyone who wants to dive deep into the subject.
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Why Did I Create Markdawn?

There are lots of content platforms out there. Some of them are quite good, but all are focused on one type of content: short publishing or a medium format. I want Markdawn to be the first platform that takes long format into consideration.