Let's Fix Markdawn

10 Apr 2014 20:16 lucianmarin

I suppose there's a moment when you want things to be different. In a modern, futuristic world people want change. Some might say that you deserve the best, some might claim a few human rights.


7 Apr 2014 21:22 irina

A piano sound, a violin one, a person's voice, they are all sounds. The sky, grass, horizon, they are all images (no wonder I appreciate painters so much). Words, kind words, from the bottom of our hearts they make our perception change. We should be greatful for what we have. There can be found at least one choise to be proud of being part of the Universe. "The Earth has music for those who listen"- George Santayana.

Start Your Business Today: Costs

3 Apr 2014 16:18 irina

Owning a company sounds better than working for someone else, but it's little bit difficult, because most of the time you deal with very big expenses and you can't handle the situation. Everyone wants their company to grow (a better turnover) and try to avoid a linear trend.

Try it Yourself

1 Apr 2014 15:29 irina

Your favourite match starts, you keep concentrated on TV because bets are involved. You are so tensed because it's possible to lose those money, you even cover your face. The match ends and you win!

After dinner

31 Mar 2014 15:41 tannerbrockwell


iPhone 6 fact

18 Mar 2014 13:38 lucianmarin

There are lot of rumors about the next iPhone. But there's only one single fact: it took Apple 3 years to build iPhone 6. It better be good. will expire this August

22 Feb 2014 14:15 lucianmarin

I'm open to any suggestion about how you want this awesome idea to continue.

helplessness in the face of change

7 Feb 2014 19:08 sharad

this is primarily a kind of test of this platform i am new to. here's something i had written a month or so ago. let's see what happens.

Australian Open

23 Jan 2014 09:14 lucianmarin

Since HN is down I'm going to watch Australian Open and checking MD for updates.


12 Jan 2014 22:07 irina

You hear everywhere in the street, on TV, on Websites, the word "simple"! I actually think we do the opposite. When we think of simplyifing a project we work on, a phrase (for example this one) we complicate things without even knowing.